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We at Dixie Veterinary Clinic focus on giving our clients peace of mind by providing their pets with the best level of care. This is done through a unique style of personalized quality service, education and practicing state of the art veterinary medicine. We uphold the human-pet bond, and in so doing empower our clients to become exceptional pet owners and companions. Beyond caring for our patients Dixie Veterinary Clinic is a valuable resource in promoting public health and animal safety awareness in the community.


We have an in house laboratory to give you immediate results on your pets health, allowing our doctors to address your pets needs quickly. We also offer pre-anesthetic testing to make sure your pet is able to handle the anesthesia.

Wellness Exam

Complete exams are important. For your pet, young and old, we recommend a yearly exam which may include vaccinations, heartworm test (4dx), and fecal examination.


We are able to take digital radiographs any time of the day. The doctors will then review them and advise proper treatment. We also have availability to ultrasound your pet to further diagnose difficult disease processes.


We stock a wide range of veterinary drugs highlighting flea and heartworm products.

Online Pharmacy

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