We care about your pet(s) as much as you do.

Dixie Veterinary Clinic offers a full completment of health services including regular examinations, vaccinations, parasite control, thorough diagnostic medicine, radiology, ultrasonography, dentistry, electrocardiography, major and minor surgery including orthopedics.

Detailed Services

We specialize in making your pet our own. In doing so we offer these specific services to ensure your pet's expected welfare.

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Online Pharmacy

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Fully Equipped Surgical Suite

Using state of the art anesthesia we perform major and minor surgery. Including sterilization, mass removals, and orthopedic to name a few.


We are able to take digital radiographs any time of the day. The doctors will then review them and advise proper treatment. We also have availability to ultrasound your pet to further diagnose difficult disease processes.


We have an in house laboratory to give you immediate results on your pets health, allowing our doctors to address your pets needs quickly. We also offer pre-anesthetic testing to make sure your pet is able to handle the anesthesia.

State of the Art Dentistry

Our dental prophys include ultrasonic cleaning, polishing and application of flouride. We are also able to take dental x-rays and perform oral surgical extractions.


Home again is a great way to identify your pet if it gets lost. We can microchip your pet while you wait.


We stock a wide range of veterinary drugs highlighting flea and heartworm products.

Comprehensive Wellness Exams

Complete exams are important. For your pet, young and old, we recommend a yearly exam which may include vaccinations, heartworm test (4dx), and fecal examination.

Emergency After Hours

If you have an emergency after we close or on the weekend, call MedVet ER at 937-293-2714 for assistance.


We offer cremation services through Baker Hazel Snider Pet Cremation Services.

Care Credit

We offer Care Credit. A no interest payment plan to offer your pet the care it deserves and needs. It can be used for routine visits or reserved for unplanned emergency veterinary services.